Halfsies Dice World Tour

Yes it's true! I sent irreplaceable dice prototypes around the world on a photography tour in the name of Unity through Gaming

Here's the stats to date:
  • All 7 continents
  • Over 17 countries
  • Featuring 23 national landmarks
  • Photos shot by 47 volunteer gamer-photographers
  • Taking a full 50 unique sets to over 50 unique locations...
  • Resulting in: 1 unified world full of gamers!

Watch the videos of the event here introduced by some of our best friends in gaming:

"What is 'Unity through gaming'?"

To me Unity means that though any two people may not agree on any given political, religious, social, or other matter, they still CHOOSE to be friends. See, when we sit down to game we put aside the complicated issues and spend quality time together, appreciating each other for their shared humanity. - At those times it's only Orcs, remaining HP, and Victory Points that are reasons to argue ...and I believe that's a huge step in the right direction for everyone.

Wanna join the tour? It's not over yet!

Send us a picture of your new Halfsies where you live, and we'll add you to the lists and the new video we're making!