Dice Trivia

Welcome to the dice trivia page where you can find the answers to every question on your Halfsies Dice case inserts ...and more!

How to play:

  1. Find your Dice Trivia section by number (found at the top of your Case Insert).
  2. Read the question.
  3. Click the + button to see the answer!

DICE TRIVIA #1 Answers...

A)Which die is a tetrahedron?
Also called a triangular pyramid a tetrahedron is the simplest of all the ordinary convex polyhedra and the only one that has fewer than 5 faces. Answer: The d4.
B)Which die is an octahedron?
"Octa" is the numeral prefix for "8" in both Latin and Greek. Answer: The d8.
C)Which die is an icosahedron?
Most accurately known as a Platonic Regular Convex Icosahedron… the d20 is an Icosahedron none the less. Answer: The d20.
D)Which die is a deltahedron?
Trick question! A deltahedron is made up entirely of equilateral triangles and all therefore all three of the above are deltrahedrons. Answer: the d4, the d8, AND the d20!

DICE TRIVIA #2 Fun Facts...

A)How many numbers on a d12? Tip: It's more than 12!
Counting each conceptual number, there can be found 15. There are also 15 digits. Though there are only 12 numerals.
B)How many vertices on a d8? Tip: Vertices are the pointy corners.
There may be 8 faces, but there are only 6 vertices needed to connect them.
C)How many edges on a d6? Tip: Edges are the lines between faces.
Can you believe that though it only has 6 faces, it needs 12 edges to connect them all!

DICE TRIVIA #3 Geometry lesson...

Fact: Most standard dice shapes are platonic solids. Congruent, convex, & regular polygons.
A)How many platonic solids exist? Tip: It's not 7!
Answer: Only 5 truly perfect polygons exist.
B)Which standard dice shape is NOT a platonic solid? Tip: If you own a Halfsies Dice set you own at least two.
The shape used for the common d10 is not a platonic solid as there is no 10 sided platonic solid.
C)True or False: Plato discovered platonic solids? Tip: Not everything's in a name.
False. Known from ancient times, the Greek philosopher Plato merely wrote about them in c360 B.C. in which he associated each of the four elements with one of them. Earth: cube. Air: octahedron. Water: icosahedron. Fire: tetrahedron. Even Plato largely ignored the poor d12, leaving you to associate it with your own favorite "fifth element"!

DICE TRIVIA #4 Toughies...

A)Which two dice have the same number of faces, but a different quantity of numbers? Tip: Faces are the flat sides.
The answer is tricky: The 2 d10s! ; )
B)Which is the only die that has the same quantity of faces as vertices? Tip: Vertices are the pointy corners.
Answer: The d4. All those numbers and all those edges, but only 4 faces and only 4 vertices.
C)Which is the only die in the set with a unique quantity of edges? Tip: Edges are the lines between faces.
Answer: The d4 is the only die to have the unique quantity of edges with 6. Every other die in an RPG set shares a quantity of edges with another die in set!

DICE TRIVIA #5 Science Schmience!

A)What is the weight of a Halfsies Dice set? Tip: It's the reason they feel so hefty!
A full RPG set of Halfsies Dice weighs in at 30 grams or 1.058 ounces.
B)What is the volume of a Halfsies Dice set? Tip: Vertices are the pointy corners.
A full RPG set of Halfsies Dice is approximately 24.4 milliliters.
C)What is the density of Halfsies Dice? Tip: Also above average.
The density of Halfsies Dice is therefore 1.229508 grams per milliliter.
D) How do Halfsies perform in the popular "salt water test"? Tip: Halfsies are premium dice!
Well, I suppose that depends on the goal of the test. If you want them to float and show a unique number every time, then in a manner of speaking they fail. But not for failing to show a unique number, but for failing to FLOAT! They're too high quality, they're too dense! That's an "A"! That said, independent unsolicited roll testing has concluded that Halfsies Dice are "near statistically perfect" …bumping them up to an "A+"! : ) Halfsies Dice are the heaviest, largest, most dense, and most well balanced resin polyhedral dice on the market, and you own them. Congratulations! : )

DICE TRIVIA #6 More fun facts!

True or False:
A)A d4 has more numbers than a d8? Tip: Take a 2nd look.
False! A d4 has 12 total numbers on it, 3 per face; while the d8 only has 1 per face for a total of 8. : O
B)A d12 has more vertices than a d20? Tip: Vertices are the pointy corners.
True! Less faces, yes, but more vertices to make them happen. A d12 has 20, while a d20 has only 18.
C)A d12 has more edges than a d20? Tip: Edges are the lines between faces.
False! A d12 and a d20 have the exact same number of edges, totaling up to 30 each. THIRTY! Can you believe that!

DICE TRIVIA #7 Answers cometh...

A)How many color combos of Halfsies Dice exist?
•There are currently 16 color combos of Halfsies Dice available for sale in retail. •There are 13 colors previously produced that are now out of print. (I know. I know. We're working on it! Check our webstore, you might get lucky. : ) •And there are a ton of other color combos produced in Prototype format for future creation. Most of these were featured in the Halfsies Dice World Tour **Note to Kelly, link that text to the world tour page.. Final Answer: There are currently 54 total Halfsies Dice color combos that EXIST with 28 of them available for sale in one format or another, with several more slated for 2018 release from GKG or via a partnership with another gaming company.
B)How many games feature Halfsies Dice?
Answer: Currently 2, TKA and A.D.A.P.T. with several partnerships pending for the near future.
C)How many countries were featured in the Halfsies Dice World Tour?
Answer: 21!
D)How many awesome gamer-photographers participated in the World Tour?
Answer: 47 and counting…! The World Tour isn't over yet! Send us over a pic of your Halfsies here from wherever you may be, and we'll add them to the World Tour! Be sure to let us know your name, if you prefer anonymity, and where the pics were taken.

DICE TRIVIA #8 Putting the "roll"

back in role-playing...

Using a full set of Halfsies Dice...
A)What's the highest value you can roll in one roll?
Answer #1) 150, if you totaled all of them. But that's not what I meant, so I'm gonna give you another shot at this. Put all the dice in your hand. Roll them all. Now arrange all dice in any order you want to make one continuous number (like you normally do for just percentile). Now, what's the highest value you can roll in one roll? Answer #2) 86,420,121,000, if you roll and string them together.
B)What's the lowest value you can roll in one roll?
Answer #1) 5, if you total them and count 0s as zeros. But let's do the above again. Roll em, string em, read it. Answer #2) 101,220,468, if you roll and string them together.
C)What is the average value for one roll?
Answer #1) 78, if you average the total-them method. But let's do the above again. It's way more fun. Roll em, string em, read it, average them. Answer #3) 43,260,670,734, if you average the strung-together versions. : )