The King's Armory


TKA box on White

Unique Features

1-7 Players
Play solo or play with any number of guests from 1-7.  The game scales in difficulty to meet the number of players, always providing a proper challenge.
100% full co-op
All players win together or lose together, with alpha-gamer resistant gameplay.
Drop in / Drop out mechanics
Players can join late, or leave early, without ruining game night; the difficulty always rescales automatically to the new number of players.
Modular board
Build your own map each game, of unique size, shape, and number of Monster routes.
Adjustable difficulty
Use the map design to adjust your difficulty level to suit your level of expertise.  A longer map results in an easier game, while a shorter one makes it much more difficult.
Adjustable play time
In a crunch for time, but need to scratch the itch?  Play any number of Waves with our Jump Start rules.
Endless replay value
With 7 Heroes to choose from, 70+ randomly selected deck cards, 85 randomly selected Monsters, and a different Boss & Armory Weapon each game, you’ll never play the same game twice.  …and that’s before rule variants and expansion items!

Quick Gameplay Overview


The game begins with the selection of Heroes, the assembling of the Map, and the placing of starting Towers, then proceeds with table arrangement and selection of player turn order.

Starting the game:

At the start of each Wave the Monster Controller (MC) will randomly select Monsters to enter the board at the Monster Entrance, move those Monsters along the path, and have the Monsters attack the Heroes.  Once all Monsters have taken their turns, it becomes the Allies’ Round, and each player takes their turn.

TKA Game Layout

Suggested game set up. 3-player game shown.

Hero Card Set Valcor

Hero Card, Token, & Halfsies d20

Player turns:

Each player, in turn order, will take strides towards the destruction of the Foes.  Often this will be in the form of unique and powerful attack options, else it could take the form of Special Actions, movement, healing of the Allies, use of special Reinforcement Cards, or assigning attacks from the Hireables.  Once each player has taken their turn, the Monsters again move and attack.

Monster Grey Fairie

Monster Token

Continuing the game:

Play alternates between the Foes Round and the Player’s Round until all the Monsters in the current Wave are dead.

Between Waves:

Once all Monsters are dead Heroes return to the Towers to heal, gain Rewards, buy powerful Equipment to level up their abilities, hire new recruits, and prepare for the next Wave of attack.

Rewards & Equipment

Armory Card Sword Golem

Armory Weapon – The Sword Golem

Reaching the endgame:

Play continues from Wave to ever-escalating Wave until the pre-selected Final Wave approaches at which point a singular Boss Monster will arrive.  Will you unleash the Armory Weapon against it, or will it release it against you?

Victory & Loss:

If the Players destroy every Monster, including the Boss, while at least 1 Hit Point remains on the Castle Gate, the Players win!  If the Castle Gate falls, or all Heroes fall in any given Wave, they Players lose.  –  Success depends on your clever application of strategy and successfully employing all the powers of your team!


How the game plays will vary tremendously based on the unique combination of Heroes your group of chooses each game.  It will further vary by which Equipment and Reinforcements you’re granted.  Finally, even if you chose the same Hero combinations each game and managed to draw the exact same cards, the game experience would inevitably vary based on the random Monster selections.  The experience will be new and dynamic every time!

The only question is: How will you play the game?

How to play video by CastleKon.