COMING SOON! Perilous "Become worthy!" In a time of Arthurian peace four squires set out to achieve knighthood competing to see who can amass enough Gold, Marks of Chivalry, and Honor in Leadership to be declared worthy to sit at Arthur's right hand, in: The Siege Perilous! A deckbuilding game for 2-4 players, Perilous pits each knight against quest, lance, and the perils of medieval life as they work together and against one another to build not just their deck, but their story, their legend, and the very kingdom of Logres itself. Amassing vast wealth, claiming noble titles, and building new structures in the kingdom, the knights leverage their Items, Titles, and Lands to complete (or fail!) Quests, obtain new Rank, and ideally stay atop their horse in a worthy joust! In the end, only one knight will be chosen to sit at the right hand of Arthur in: The Siege Perilous! Become a playtester! Contact us here for a link to download the PnP. Offer feedback, and find yourself seated in The Siege Perilous the manual on publication that is! (Link to contact us page. - I'll eventually link this to a google doc application and an auto download, but no time to build that now.) This should involve a database. AFTER GENCON