What's GKG got in the works?

Welcome to our "in progress" page.  Here you'll find some hints at what we're working on, as well as the likely chance to become a playtester for any new games.
Don't see many pretty pictures here yet?  "Playtest first, buy art second." ; )

The King's Treasury

"Time to expand our holdings!" -The King

An epic level meta expansion for the The King's Armory, The King's Treasury is ALMOST a stand alone game....

Core Features:
  • 7 new Heroes
  • 4 new Terrain types
  • 15 new Monsters
  • new Bosses
  • new pieces of Equipment
  • new Reinforcements
  • new Rewards
  • new Armory Weapons
  • and at long last: NEW Towers!
The great king behind The King's Armory has procured peace for his people for a time and has begun to send out his trusted messenger sprites to other kingdoms far and wide looking for new Heroic Allies to support him in future endeavors.  With success, he's also met many new foes from those lands, and now they too want to break into his Armory.

The King's Treasury is, at its core, a thematic Kingdom / Terrain expansion for The King's Armory, introducing 4 new Terrain types (Frozen Tundra, Barren Desert, Toxic Swamp, and Verdant Paradise)! Going far beyond that, it introduces
and a whole host of new baddies and Bosses associated with those Terrains, and of course new Heroes to defend the kingdom with.  In development since 2013, The King's Treasury is a long-overdue big-box expansion sure to create joy and take the already endlessly replayable TKA into realms unknown!


"Become Worthy!" -Nimue

In a time of Arthurian peace four squires set out to achieve knighthood and become worthy of to quest for the Holy Grail!  The competition begins to see who can amass enough Gold, Marks of Chivalry, and Honor in Leadership to be declared worthy to sit at Arthur's right hand, in: The Siege Perilous!

A deckbuilding game for 2-4 players, Perilous pits each knight against quest, lance, and the perils of medieval life as they work together and against one another to build not just their deck, but their story, their legend, and the very kingdom of Logres itself.

Amassing vast wealth, claiming noble titles, and building new structures in the kingdom, the knights leverage their Items, Titles, and Lands to complete (or fail!) Quests, obtain new Rank, and ideally stay atop their horse in a the joust!

In the end, only one knight will be chosen to sit at the right hand of Arthur in: The Siege Perilous!

Halfsies d6 Blocks

"Squeeee!" -A world of wargamers

Our next Halfsies release, coming Fall 2017, is Halfsies d6 blocks!  
Taking our existing color line and making blocks of d6s to be more accessible to Wargamers.

Hoping to take that to the next level, we've got some pretty cool plans for a d6 dice case! ; )

Want to become a Playtester!

Contact us here for a link to download the most recent PnP of any of the above games.
Offer feedback, and find yourself seated in The Siege Perilous ...or in the manual's credits that is!