Article #19B-Self Fulfillment


Ok, here's the biggie: "How do it all myself? How do I save thousands? Can you explain how exactly I might save thousands, and then how to execute on that plan?"


How do you save thousands?1000sb

Simple. Consider this: when you pay a fulfillment company to ship stuff from their location to another they pay UPS, USPS, or FedEx rates (just like you would) AND charge you a fee per package to do it, often around $4.00 or more, plus possible setup and storage fees. If you have 700 packages to ship in the USA, instead of paying $4 x 700 = $2,800; you do it yourself and pocket 85% of that money. Is it worth it to you? It is to me. That's a lot of money! Plus self-fulfillment is a chance to hang out with my friends for a while and chat. - You also save on freight by having one less shipping lane. (The missing 15% is spent buying shipping supplies and pizza.)

So how do you execute?

Ok, I'm not going to pretend this is easy, but it is rewarding...

  1. Get the requisite quantity of games freighted to your home office / storage and shipping location.
  2. Organize your backer report export files from Kickstarter into ONE single tab, and organize it. Then split it by region you will be shipping to (USA vs. International(s)).
  3. Price out the exact ship method and cost by making various practice orders using PayPal's postage service. Is USPS flat rate best? (Be sure it fits by testing it, those priority boxes are free!) Don't underestimate that padded flat rate bubble mailer (roughly twice the size of the small flat rate box). Don't forget to add the estimated weight of the shipping materials! (2 to 7 ounces by size... bubble mailer = 1 oz; Small Flat Rate = 3 oz; Small box = 5 oz; Med Flat Rate = 7 oz).
  4. Long before your shipment arrives... (ideally back during the budgeting stage, though I suppose under-budgeting might have forced you to read this ; ) ...plan the exact box/bubble mailer dimensions you need to fit the items (this might mean different materials for different orders, that's ok). Find the cheapest box (that is that size or slightly bigger) on, then see if you can get them cheaper on (which you almost always can). Are they free on
  5. If this is still feeling feasible, call your friends NOW to see if they're willing to help pack for Pizza and maybe a stipend. If they're not, abandon ship and hire the fulfillment company. I'd suggest at least 4 people total for 4 devoted hours of work, minimums. Adjust up by size of event. If you've got the plan, and the friends, move on to step 6 where committal happens.
  6. Buy 'void fill' to fill your slightly too-big box/mailers (a giant bubble wrap roll or 2, but you'll need half of what you think you will), Postage labels (after you peel the sticker labels off, use the paper backing as "free" void fill!), packing tape, an expensive tape dispenser, lots of printer ink (I like this company), a shipping scale(do not use's free one), promotional materials (business cards, thank you flyers, etc.), and possibly some 'fragile' stickers. Links are specifically recommended products I've bought and use daily.
  7. Set your printer to defaults to "fast draft" & "greyscale only".
  8. If prepping for more than 30-40 packages, see the Setup and Use Guide below.
    If you have less than 30-40 packages just use the PayPal shipping link above and just do one at a time; you'll also therefore need to prepare a printable packing list from your one-file excel sheet you made in Step 2. (Use Word's mail-merge if you can.)
  9. Save ALL your labels to your hard drive in PDF form.
  10. Call your friends to set up a date. Plan for a long process and an assembly line. My friends and I could run our own fulfillment company by now, as we can pump out about 700-1000 orders a day with a rotating group of about 8 people.
  11. Print your labels.
  12. Gather your army and begin!

Suggested Assembly Lines-Apply as best it works for your situation...

Assembly line Phase 1:assembly-line

  1. Shipping container preparer (fold and tape box to shape)
  2. Shipping label applier (yes, pre-apply, fill afterward; especially helpful with the method)
  3. Packing insert inserter (business cards, promotional materials)
  4. Organizer of prepared shipping containers for Phase 2...

Assembly line Phase 2:

  1. Order Fillers (all people not needed below)
  2. Package Sealers (someone will be good at the tape dispenser, put em to work!)
  3. Package Organizer (putting finished packages in spare boxes for delivery to front porch)
  4. Misc support-(Pizza orderer, picture taker, massage giver, and of course... Order filler)

Closing steps...

  1. Call your local Post Office to "Arrange a Pickup" for tomorrow afternoon, let them know the scope of the pickup so they can send the best vehicle. Hopefully you need "the big truck".
  2. Help load them onto the truck so you can verify that all were accepted. Use a "SCAN form" if possible, this makes USPS liable if one goes missing.
  3. Post pictures online, in a Kickstarter Update, sing and rejoice! It's done!

Now wasn't that easy? Setup and Use Guide


Huge tips here!-Skip this section if your project is too small to bother with is a very helpful tool that will save you big over going to the post office (same discounted rates as the PayPal option above), and can save a lot of time on large quantities of orders. But it's also very difficult to learn, very hard to troubleshoot, but fairly easy to eventually master. If you're using this method, this will replace your #8 above.

  1. dopdf-lgoDownload and install doPDF (free), which allows you to save print commands as PDFs ...I'll explain later.
  2. Open your Kickstarter super spreadsheet (made above) and add the following column headers off to the right: Order Date, Content Type, Mail Class, Mail Piece, Package Value, Weight, Length, Width, Height, Tracking #, Postage Cost, Insurance Cost, Insurance Value, Content Description, Country of Origin, Print Message. See this google sheet for a detailed guide on what to put in each column and why.
  3. When your products are 3 weeks from arriving, open a account, download desktop software, then call them to increase your Maximum Postage Purchase limit immediately, explain "I have a Kickstarter". You're also gonna need a week to understand your software and to get it to do what you need it to (I'll help), and you'll want lead time on getting ready before you invite your friends to the party. (You don't want them showing up before you're done printing labels, and it's not as easy as you'd like to think.)
  4. If you have MORE than 75-100 orders that you're fulfilling, Setup your ODBC Data Source. This will take several hours your first few times (Call for help walking you through this-my tips below). If they want remote access to your computer to largely do it for you, you can safely grant it. - You'll want a new ODBC Source for each greater region you are self-fulfilling to. For example: I create one for USA, and one for Canada. If I have straggler international orders (Mexico, etc.) I bunch them with Canada.
    1. Pro tip: Put any APO (U.S.A. Armed Services) orders with the Canada/international ones because they require customs forms!
      If you have LESS than 75-100 orders, enter them on manually (skip the difficulty of ODBC Data Sources) by copying and pasting one a time from your excel file. Yes, it will be faster for a one time 75 or less.
  5. Set's Default Printer to "doPDF", set "print media" to "Generic 4×6-2 per sheet", and create a file folder on your computer for the exported PDFs. (This will allow you to manage and reprint labels when errors happen, as erases them shortly after you print them.)
  6. Fix the errors that prevent "printing" from (you'll see what I mean).
  7. Set the "Ship Date" to 1-2 days from now, as you won't get them to the Post Office today. If you get any there early understand that the Ship Date is only when email notifications go out; you can ship em early or late with no other consequence.
  8. mailing-labelbFinally you can "Print" them to PDFs in groups of 50 or so limited by your prepaid balance cap. Note: you'll have to manually rename every item, I suggest a number 1, 2, 3... 25 to go nice and fast; two labels to one file.
  9. Open to the folder where the labels are saved, highlight 15 of them, and right click, choose print. (So you don't have to print 1 at a time. Thank you, Anne.)

Repeat 8 & 9 until every order is printed.


Ok, that was a lot of work. And it sure wasn't easy. But you did a great job! Spend some of your savings buying your friends lunch or movie tickets, and your family a nice weekend outing. They've earned it.

I hope I provided enough angles to cover all the possible fulfillment sizes (small, medium, large) and what you'd need to do at each level to accomplish it!

You've gotta have questions after reading something this detailed about something this complicated. How can I help? Ask in the comments!