Article #16-The Motherload List of Reviewers

You've read our article on how to get reviews (#4), now you need to knowwho to ask for one.

The following list contains 50+ reviewers, all relevant to you, that...

  1. prototype-level Kickstarter-level games. (If they only review published games, they're not listed. Sorry, Rodney.)
  2. ...are currently active reviewing these games.
  3. ...I myself have directly communicated with, either by having had a review with or by chatting with about such things (to verify the above and pseudo-rate my experience with them for you).
  4. ...I would not rate as "Horrible". I left those two off. : P

List of Reviewers

If you contact any of these folks, please tell them that I sent you. I don't get anything out of it, but it's always nice to hear a referral mentioned. Thanks.

Chart notes below. Scroll the chart to the right for ranking stats.


All Us Geeks Jeff King @allusgeeks

Chat only, love. Tweeted us out without review just in goodwill. All Us Geeks
Bearded Meeple Tyler Anderson @BeardedMeeple Vids are short, thus approachable Canada Great. Very fast. Bearded Meeple
Blue Peg Pink Peg Patrick Kelly @BluePegPinkPeg n/a Plays with wife
Chat only, Good. Blue Peg Pink Peg
Board Game Authority various @BoardGameAuth n/a Mailing address on site Impersonal initial contact, no promise of review when sending your game Great. A 'new staff reviewer' gave a poorly done review; they didn't post it based on his inexperience. Thoughtful. Board Game Authority
Board Game Brawl Nick Meenachan @boardgamebrawl n/a - Youtube Fast responder Paid, strong opinions Meh Board Game Brawl
Board Game King Oleg or Serge @BoardGameKingI n/a n/a Shows review in advance to avoid translation mistakes. Thailand/Russia Good Board Game King
Board Game Monkeys Andreas Hohmann n/a n/a n/a Will print simple PnPs EU Good Board Game Monkeys
Board Game Quest Tony M. @BoardGameQuest n/a

Good Board Game Quest
Board to Death TV Luca @boardtodeathtv n/a Best short vids on the net Paid - $200 or several copies Ok, costly Board to Death TV
Bower's Game Corner Forrest Bower @BowerGameCorner n/a - Youtube Fun, growing $30 1st time Great, we even sponsored Bower's Game Corner
Box of Delights Ricky Royal @rickyroyalbod n/a Huge following EU Love. Communicated regularly during plays, so no mistakes in review! (Only one) Box of Delights
CastleKon Christian Kon n/a n/a n/a - Youtube Reviews with Wife New Love CastleKon
Casual Game Revolution Chris James @casualgamerev n/a n/a Well run site
Interviews only with us, very nice. Casual Game Revolution
Cloak & Meeple Brian @CloakandMeeple

Good, quick turnaround Cloak & Meeple
Club Fantasci Maurice Fitzgerald @clubfantasci

Good Club Fantasci
Da Pyrate pyrate/contributions David Geekmail BGG user: da pyrate n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
Australia, BGG only Chat only, nice. Da Pyrate
Dad's Gaming Addiction Vincent Paone n/a n/a
Paid, Impersonal contact Too impersonal Dad's Gaming Addiction
Deskovehry Dusan Vit @DusanVit n/a n/a Excellent detailed review. Friendly. EU, site in Czech, took months to finish. Good. Deskovehry
Ed Kabara various Ed Kabara Geekmail BGG user: Biotech66 @biotech66 n/a n/a - BGG page n/a Posts in many places/forums
Good. (Unboxing vid + write up) Ed Kabara
Ender Ender Wiggins Geekmail BGG user: EndersGame n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a Highly rated BGG posts only; doesn't own dice Always too busy Ender
FatherGeek Cyrus @thefathergeek n/a n/a
Must please 3 groups Poor FatherGeek
Game and a Curry Jenn or Herb @gameandacurry n/a Humor in reviews Tastefully crass Good Game and a Curry
Game Theory Bayard n/a n/a n/a

Great. Great communication, timely review, nice guy. Game Theory
GameBoyGeek Dan King n/a n/a
Busy, Paid Chat only, nice. GameBoyGeek
Gaming Bits Jonathan n/a

Chat only, ok. Gaming Bits
GamingTrend Keith Schleicher @gamingtrend n/a n/a Team of reviewers - can probably work you in Some on the team are terrible - you might get burned Good in past. Terrible recently.
Net: Meh
GeekDad various @geekdads n/a Reviews & Press
Love, great group of gents. GeekDad
GeekedUpGaming Tim Sexton @Geekedupgaming1 n/a
Video game audience Meh. Did review very very late, didn't seem to know game. GeekedUpGaming
BoardgamingFTW Christopher Richter @Boardgaming_FTW Tweets regularly
Great. Tweeted our campaign daily! BoardgamingFTW
Geeky Hobbies Eric Geekmail BGG user: mortee50 n/a n/a n/a

Meh. Let graphic-d of proto affect net opinion. Geeky Hobbies
Grey Elephant Gaming Tim Norris @GreyElepntGamin n/a
Paid - $100 Chat only, ok. Grey Elephant Gaming
Heimspiel Pascal n/a n/a n/a Posts in German Posts in German Great. Very positive person to be around. Heimspiel
Indie Game Alliance Matt Holden @indiegameallies n/a n/a Live nationwide demos Not actual reviews Great, very active, multiple public plays. Indie Game Alliance
Just Got Played Patrick Siebert @Jestershand n/a - Youtube

Chat only, nice. Just Got Played
League of Nonsensical Gamers Dan Halstad @LeagueNonsense n/a

Chat only, very nice. League of Nonsensical Gamers
NVS Michael Forder @NVSGameplays n/a n/a - Youtube
Canada Love NVS
Pete Belli belli/contributions Pete Geekmail BGG user: PeteBelli n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
BGG only Too busy Pete Belli
The Purge Jayson Geekmail BGG user: william4192 n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a 1000+ Reviews He will say if your game sucks, it's why he named his reviews "The Purge" Love. Good communication, friendly, honest, did follow up video too! The Purge
Rahdo Runs Through Richard Ham @Rahdo n/a - Youtube Super nice, plays with Wife EU, Few competitive games Love Rahdo Runs Through various various n/a n/a n/a Multiple reviewers may get you listed Hard to contact the right people N/A - User submissions - site can't be rated.
Sharon Khan Sharon Khan Geekmail BGG user: sa266 n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
EU, BGG only Chat only, ok. Sharon Khan
Smarter Backer Daniel Zayas @smarterbacker n/a "Zayas Index" will rank your Live KS with or without a review. <-Recommended path. Has an application process...? Must offer a giveaway. Only live interviews on inflexible schedule. Terrible. Poor communication, verbally disrespectful, never did the review, but did return game. Smarter Backer
Spooning Meeples Rhiannon Ochs @spooningmeeples n/a n/a - Youtube Ignores you after you send games to.
Terrible. Have sent 2 games to, no reviews done, ignores emails now. Do not send her your games. Spooning Meeples
TalisinBear Calvin Geekmail BGG user: Talisinbear n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
Canada, BGG & local online newspaper only Meh. Titled review negatively based on dislike of theme ...which was known before sending. Only compared it to other games. TalisinBear
Teh Slippery Boy Steve Geekmail BGG user: sdonohue n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
BGG Only, mostly RPGs Chat only, ok. Teh Slippery Boy
The Secret Cabal various @thesecretcabal n/a n/a Address on site Impersonal contact, no promise of review Meh. They're huge, nice, and do good work, but don't ever respond to emails. Recommend for published games only. The Secret Cabal
Theology of Games Jeremiah Isley @TheologyofGames n/a
Reducing Previews; usually require 2 copies Ok. Low communication. Theology of Games
TiagoVIP Tiago Geekmail BGG user: tiagovip n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
Brazil, posts in Portuguese Chat only, nice. TiagoVIP
Today in Board Games Roger Hicks @BoardGamesToday n/a n/a

Chat only, very nice. Today in Board Games
To Die For Games Mandi Hutchinson @boardgamerpinup n/a Great communication. Posts when desired. Canada Great. Easy to work with. To Die For Games
Undead Viking Lance Myxter @undeadviking n/a n/a - Youtube Huge following Paid Love Undead Viking
Vincent Darlage Vincent Geekmail BGG user: VincentDarlage n/a n/a n/a - BGG page n/a
BGG only, newer Chat only, ok. Vincent Darlage
WhatTheGeek (formerly NJAGP) various @WTG_Productions n/a n/a

Love. Funny lighthearted guys, lots of coverage. What The Geek
Who's Turn is it Anyway Jacob Coon @whospodcast n/a n/a
EU Good. Good communication, funny guy. Who's Turn is it Anyway
Showing 1 to 54 of 54 entries

Chart Notes.

  • Reviewers with a blank or "n/a" stat simply don't function in regard to that stat. ie: No Youtube stats = no Youtube presence, No MeepleMechanic stats = No MM profile, etc.
  • Some Youtube stats may show critically low numbers for certain reviewers. Don't be scared, they may just be written reviewers. Use Youtube stats as a guide for ones with worthwhile numbers. But if they had a Youtube channel I wanted to list it.

"GKG's Experience" Rating Chart

  • "Love" - Top of the line reviewer. Friendly, fast, knowledgeable, fair, reliable, AND I personally hit it off with. A++
  • "Great" - Excellent in all professional regards you could hope for. Possible above average offerings.
  • "Good" - Above average experience.
  • "Ok" - Average experience. Didn't make a publisher feel super welcome, but didn't feel pushed away either. Review, if done, was fine.
  • "Meh" - Below average experience. I didn't like something about they way they interacted with me or another person I know.
  • "Poor" - Review done, but I didn't approve of the manner or mistakes were made and not properly corrected.
  • "Terrible" - To be avoided. Disrespectful and/or wasted time with a prototype without ever doing the review for poor reasons. (Akin to Horrible below, but were on the list as prior to rating. See note below about non-removal.)
  • "Horrible" - Not listed; but there really are two of these.
  • Note: -Non-Removal- Once a reviewer gets on the list, I won't remove them, even if an experience becomes "Horrible"; rather I'll mark it "Terrible" and communicate to you why. Please know: My desire and intent with this chart is positively promote fair to great reviewers, but my loyalties are with you the readercoming to me for advice. I don't care to let you to suffer the same mistakes I did in other areas, so I don't want to here either.
  • Note: " progress..." - Means they have, or are being sent, a copy of one or more of our games for current review. As the reviews come in, we'll update these ratings.
  • Note: "Chat Only" - Means no review was done, but we communicated in one regard or another. Followed by approximate rating of that experience.

Are YOU a reviewer? Wanna be listed? I'd be happy to! But first read this, then shoot me an email and we'll at least "Chat Only" about adding your organization. : )

Did I miss anyone that you'd like to see on the list? Please let me know in the comments.
Since I'm only listing those I've personally interacted with, let me know who, and I'll email them to chat or to review one of our games.