Welcome to the Kickstarter Advice Columns!

What this is...

Over the past 3 years I have ran several successful Kickstarters and several failed Kickstarters, and have read most-every every advice post on the net on the topic. And in doing so, I ventured onto some new soil using innovative new ideas that have somewhat shattered the mold, and therefore have a lot of new things to share that I have not found in pre-existing advice articles. I want to share those experiences and lessons with you. I hope to do so in a unique and valuable format, so that you can learn from what I've experienced.

What this isn't...

This, therefore, is not an attempt to start from scratch and redo what others have done, or to use their advice as our own. That wouldn't help anyone, and it would dishonor the other masters. Rather, we are indeed very grateful to other titanic advice-givers, as we have taken much from, and shared much with, each of them, working together to help you.

We are here for 3 main causes:
  • To share our unique experiences.
  • To share the stuff that's fallen through the cracks elsewhere.
  • To expound in detail on the more critical or nuanced areas of Kickstarter, such as budgeting, finding allies, procuring components, as well as the manufacturing process and an ever growing list of new topics as I can't seem to keep myself from testing new waters.

My hope and goal is to be comprehensive.

Instead of a large number of small entries, I offer you a small number of large entries.

Each Article will be as long as it needs to be in order to comprehensively get you through the entire topic in one sitting. This approach makes for articles that take a while to read, but ones that are going to save you a ton of time in the long run.

Honesty and Efficacy.

Among these pillars of thought I'm going to give you the goods in the order and style that I would have liked to have first found them, with a goal to give candid new insights; and offer my unique experiences gained across a failed Kickstarter, to IndieGoGo, and back across 2 successful Kickstarters again onto a new canceled Kickstarter, and back to another successful one …all from the ground up.

Most of this advice is from the point of view of Kickstarting board games, but a lot of this will help you in Kickstarting any project.

The Kickstarter Advice Column's first entry:
Article #1 - To Kickstart or not to Kickstart?

- John Wrot!

(Articles may be updated from time to time with new insights in an effort to keep the info all in one place on a given topic. Feel free to double check an entry if it has been a while since you first read it.)

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