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Gate Keeper Games exists to actualize epic game ideas worthy of your time, that can be enjoyed by the whole family while bringing joy and treating every guest like they are our dear friend.

John Wrot!, the Keeper of the Gate behind Gate Keeper Games, has been developing games for over 17 years.  Generally, his games have dealt with RPG structure and elements of the medieval fantasy genre, but he's also created superhero games, games of skill, epic card & dice games, an area control game based on the Count of Monte Cristo, not to mention the highly acclaimed Halfsies Dice line.

We talk a lot about ‘family' here. Family is of prime importance to John, whose main goal in life since about 7th grade has been to be a good husband and father. His wife and kids are indeed his joy, and GKG is his full-time gig to support them. When you become involved with GKG, whether just by playing one of our games, reading a Kickstarter Advice Column, or by helping out at a con, you are considered family – and will be protected as such. The Keeper of the Gate looks out for his own!

The King's Armory is our first game brought to market, it fits the bill of the Tower Defense Genre just the way we've been craving for it.  Long, tactical, and deeply thematic, TKA tells a new story every time you play it.

A.D.A.P.T. is our 2nd game brought to the industry.  It's step toward filling the void of uniquely themed games …it's about mutant fish battling to the death.  Not many of those out there.

Halfsies Dice is our proprietary line of two-tone standard gaming dice, in full 7-dice sets.  Available in over 25 color combinations!

Please visit our games or dice pages to learn more about our products.

Feel free to comment or email anytime – we love community, so join the family!

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