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Article #1: To Kickstart or not to Kickstart? The world needs brilliant minds to do what they believe in! And those brilliant minds need funding, and the voice of experience to guide them. Kickstarter provides the funding, and I'll provide some experience.
Article #4: How to get reviews The answer: Ask. It's really tempting to leave the entire article with just that, but we'll be a bit more helpful. Remember these tips.
Article #7: How to make a Budget! You want to start a Kickstarter but you have no idea how much it'll cost, how much you'll need to raise nor where to even start. Start here.

What Our Gamers Say

P.J. Smith - The King's Armory

The King's Armory is very playable, and more to point, enjoyable. If you are a fan of tower defense games, where working as a group is just as important as the lone solder who is guarding a bend in the road, and the game play is always different, then do sit down and play The King's Armory.

Susan M. - Halfsies Dice

The color combinations are gorgeous and make it really hard to stick to my budget because I want to collect them all. They feel very well balanced and weighted and I love the way they roll. I have a lot of other new dice as well, but I find myself using the Halfsies the most often.